World Wide Web Turns 20 Years Old, Where Were You Back Then?

Maximum PC: If you plan on going out to eat today, save room for dessert and order a slice a cake in honor of the web's 20th birthday. That's right, it's been two whole decades already, though the wheels were set in motion several years before in 1989 when Tim Berners-Lee, a British computer scientist working at CERN, first proposed an information management system that would later become the Internet. These days he serves as the director of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C).

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justinbkerr3686d ago

I was just barely too young to claim some amazing domain names. By the time I had my own money and got online most of the good stuff was claimed.

newsguy3686d ago

Probably in my room yelling at my sister for picking up the phone and disrupting my 14.4 internet connection

caseh3686d ago

Sat in college with a floppy disk full of scantily clad photos of Cindy Crawford wondering 'where the hell did these photos come from'

2 Years later I discovered the interwebs and started filling my own floppy disks with pr0n!

fatstarr3686d ago

Lol filling floppy disks up in the 90's were fun

i remember wasting a box of 8 on bad quality video downloads.

the usb drives of the time

fatstarr3686d ago

shame on Google for not having some sort of celebration home page for this.