Windows Phone Ad Pokes Fun at Samsung and Apple Feud

Maximum PC: It does seem at times as though Apple and Samsung almost enjoy fighting with each other, doesn't it? A new ad promoting Nokia's Lumia 920 smartphone and the Windows Phone platform it runs on comes right out and says it, and then implores viewers, "Don't fight. Switch." The 1-minute ad spot does little to promote the Lumia 920's features or Windows Phone software, but you have to hand it to Microsoft for at least trying to get into the thick of things.

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mpctips3613d ago

The tattoo reminds me of William H. Macy's in Wild Hogs.

Revvin3608d ago

My own phone is an iPhone 5, my company mobile is a Nokia Lumia 820 and I really wish they had just got us a cheap Android handset. The battery life on the 820 is awful, it barely lasts a day. The screen quality is poor, the buttons on the side get in the way an the volume rocker often turns the ringer down so I can't hear it. It's still severely lacking apps, Nokia and Microsoft are trying to fill the gap but a lot of 'apps' just open the web browser with a custom skin. I don't think Microsoft is in any position to mock its rivals or their users yet.