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Mysterious “Google X” Device Runs On Android 5.0.1 Appears At AnTuTu Benchmark Result

GSM Insider- So far, the details of Motorola X Phone are only limited to rumors as no appearance of the physical device yet. Nobody can confirm the existence of the X Phone as Google and Motorola are yet to response on the rumors out there. Both parties are likely to keep the device as mysterious as possible until the launch in coming months.

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Settler3195d ago

Seems like Beta OS and beta drivers to me, Or it's just fake.

adorie3195d ago (Edited 3195d ago )

Could be fake, or the rumored Key Lime Pie OS on unannounced hardware.

Shani3194d ago

Nexus 5 (5" screen) with Android 5.
Matches perfectly.

Speed-Racer3194d ago

It's not the first time that newer OSs have shown up on AnTuTu.