Sync Xbox Controllers Remotely with Windows - An exciting news for Xbox lovers that they can handle Xbox controller remotely with both of the Xbox and their PC. All you need is your Xbox 360 Wireless Receiver by Microsoft made for Windows. Microsoft has introduced its personalized receiver for the controller of the Xbox. If you are one of the users of the Xbox and you are planning to purchase a wireless receiver, you just need to spend $30. Microsoft also provides a bundle offer. The offer includes a receiver and controller and this package will cost you only $55. You can use it with a PC and with Xbox as well.

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Profchaos3572d ago

I'm struggling to understand how this is news i have been doing this for years i mean i played crysis(1)on its release day with a 360 wireless game-pad that was in 2007 and useing the exact same method shown in the article. With the exact same dongle altough brought from ebay it was non genuine and cost under $5 AU plus postage still works to this day. 0_o