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Why is everyone making a smartwatch?

Android Authority: News has come to light recently that Microsoft is working on a smartwatch. If you’re keeping tabs, that’s Apple, Samsung, Google, and now Microsoft… all working on a smartwatch, or we at least have strong indicators that they are. This would make sense if the smartwatch had a proven history of success… but they don’t.

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Crazyglues3193d ago

Well the answer to this is actually really simple...

For years apple has designed a product that sells like hotcakes, iphones, ipads, etc... and the other companies play catch up, while losing serious market share to apple..

So these companies have learned their lesson, don't wait for apple to do it and then dominate... instead find out what apple is working on and then make your own...

The worst thing that happen to the other cell phone companies like version was having customers come to their store wanting an iPhone, and Verizon not only not having an iPhone but also, when that customers says, "ok well you have anything like an iPhone" they had to say No.. (recipe for losing a lot of customers quickly)

Now that was back then, today companies are not waiting, they are throwing money at R&D and getting their products out there.

So it looks like now it's find out what apple is working on and let's see if we can make one..

Soldierone3193d ago

Apple should just hint at making the iToilet. I'd love to see where companies go with that lol

Grilla3193d ago

@Crazyglues You took the words right outa my mouth. Everyone got blindsided when apple released the iPhone and then the iPad. They don't want it to happen again.