Verizon Gives Customers Options, While Slapping Them at the Same Time

VG Republic Writes: Well, Well, Well if it isn’t that lovely V company stepping up to the plate to announce that those of you that were thinking about switching to T-Mobile because of them no longer offering a 20-month upgrade and pushing it to the full life of the contract, maybe you don’t have to afterall. The company announced both in the same day that they were pulling the option of being able to upgrade a little early, reported both by Engadget, but then followed that a short while later by saying that they would offer those individuals that are tech junkies (oh yeah that would be me too, it’s ok to admit it) that they will allow you to purchase select phones and spread the cost of it over the remaining 12 months of the contract. In other words, they will allow you to spend more money about 8 months earlier and pay it in increments, but kicked the guy/girl first by saying that he/she couldn’t upgrade after 20 months and it’s now 24 should he/she not want to wait for the newest technology. Nothing like giving in one hand while being slapped with the other.

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Cueil3202d ago

T-Mobile will love you long time... phone upgrade anytime you want... pay off phone have monthly cost of phone off bill... 100 dollars two lines unlimited... T-Mobile love you long time...

fr0sty3202d ago

Doesn't matter, they're acting to disrupt the market, changing it's standards. This will force others to compete, and we all will benefit in the end. I applaud them for it much like I do Google for it's Fiber service.

LackTrue4K3202d ago

Terrible service/ signal cough cough Sprint cough!!!
My sister T-moble has no issues, it's something I wish I had. :/

specialagent45323202d ago

Metro PCS all the way, cheap prices and I got the LG motion for $50.00. Now I can watch movies, anime, edit my windows documents, etc. For just $50.00 a month. Yippee

fatstarr3201d ago

its a trade off with everyone -_-

the whole cellphone service is rigged
Verizon gives good signal and service and downloads if you live in a metro area
but then you have to deal with this shit.

but ab angry black mom wasn't in play ive gotten 1 year upgrades after my mom gave a service rep a new one when I was younger.

like she said shes been with the company for 10 years at the time and she threatened to leave and bring all her friends with her. lol