Bad Microsoft PR spelling doom for new Xbox launch?

Vyralize: Has a bit of bad PR already ruined some of Microsoft’s sales on its next Xbox?

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Vyralize3211d ago

What a joke! This guy should be fired asap.

cyclindk3210d ago

Actually, I think they promoted him... executive latrine sponger.

Speed-Racer3211d ago

Hmmm I'm sure he could have said what he said in a more diplomatic way.

badkolo3211d ago

nope, its genius cause everyone is talking baout the next xbox and they havent shown a dam thing yet, pure genius

eferreira3211d ago

I know any publicity is good publicity but everyone's complaining and upset with MS. Not good for them at all.

badkolo3211d ago

its good if the rumors arent what they seem, right now everyone is up in arms and rightfully so, but the point is they are up in arms and discussing ms and the new xbox meanwhile they have not revealed anything at all, when they do and if its all real then they lose a huge amount of us gamers but the chances are its not what we all think and their silence is casuing more and more people to talk. the more they keep quiet the more we will all talk and wonder, then wehn reveal day shows up and the truth is revealed , then what, what if its nothing like what we thought, what if the system is a killer one, then all this negative stuff leading up to it goes out the window and everyone will be appluading htem

xxxxx013211d ago

I have to agree with you now everyone seems to only talk about is xbox, xbox, xbox

KwietStorm_BLM3210d ago

Why do people always go for the immediate quick obvious observation. The reason people are taking about it is *because* Microsoft hasn't said anything. That's where speculation comes from. Sony has already detailed the PS4 twice, so people are wondering what the competition is doing, and based on the rumors, a lot of those people don't like what Microsoft is doing.

mushroomwig3211d ago (Edited 3211d ago )

Day one purchase when you know nothing about the console, features, cost or the games?

Ladies and gentlemen, this is a good example of a sheep.

mcroddi3211d ago

That could have been handled better

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