Happy Pi Day, Mathematician Geeks!

Maximum PC: In case your calendar app's busted, today is March 14, otherwise written 3/14 or 3.14. What we're trying to say is, it's Pi Day! It's a day to celebrate the mathematical constant Pi, if you're into such numbers geekery. And if not, use it as an excuse to cheat on your diet and feast on an assortment of pies. That's what the students at Caltech in Pasadena did last night at 1:59 AM.

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newsguy4149d ago

I looked down at my clock when I read the headline. funny


Pi Day celebrations kick off with a 'pi in the sky'

Maximum PC: With everybody's favorite holiday around the corner -- Pi Day, of course -- celebrations have already begun to take place around the US. Sky gazers in Austin, Texas, may have noticed something interesting happening with skywriting airplanes on Thursday -- namely, a "pi in the sky." To celebrate Pi Day and honor the great mathematical constant of 3.141592 etc., AirSign aircrafts took to the skies to attempt to spell out the infinite pi sequence across 100 miles of sky in Austin.

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