Techradar-Pentax MX-1 review

Techradar-In the past few months, the majority of camera manufacturers have introduced a new premium compact camera to their ranges. It's a lucrative area of the market, appealing to those looking for a good back-up camera and those who can't get everything they want from the camera on their phones.

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Pocket-Lint: Pentax MX-1 pictures and hands-on

Pocket-Lint: Pentax has revealed its latest compact camera, the high-end Pentax MX-1 at CES 2013, and we've had the chance for a quick play on the show floor.

We have to say that we like the retro styling, which evokes memories of classic camera models from the past. It's no surprise to find that Pentax has taken this route, given the stylings of other cameras in its range, like the dinky Q10 for example.

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