SimCity possibly one of the worst rated Amazon products in history

Vyralize: After a very sloppy launch, SimCity is on the road to becoming one of the worst rated products in Amazon’s online shopping database history.

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Vyralize2789d ago

You'd think this would have been sorted before the get go? But then again, it's EA. :/

ProjectVulcan2788d ago (Edited 2788d ago )

Works fine for me mostly since it launched in Europe. Haven't actually had any problems. Probably best us in europe got it later.

Great game, cities too small even if the idea is for several to work together.

mcroddi2789d ago

It's incredible that they even took it down from the 'for sale' section!

kingPoS2788d ago

I've never really paid much mind about SimCity till recently. I think I might just end up buying SC4 Deluxe Edition.