Smartphone Wars: Could Samsung Take Down Apple?

GOS: "Samsung and Apple had quite the battle in 2012 over which company would be the one to fulfill the mobile needs of consumers around the world.

Recently a infographic has emerged detailing the battle between the two companies in detail, and it looks like Samsung has what it takes to become a viable competitor to Apple in the smartphone business.

Check out the graphic after the jump:"

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SynGamer3548d ago

People who are loyal to Apple are generally lifers. We're talking iPhone, iPad, Mac computers, and even iPods (still?). Samsung, on the other hand has a hand in generally every electronic market there is, from camera's, TVs, and phones, to home appliances...

In terms of sheer profit, Apple will be hard to beat with their large mark-ups. If people are willing to pay those (ridiculous) prices, Samsung can do little to compete, besides moving more units than Apple.

Regardless, they are both extremely good companies from a business standpoint. I just hope these lawsuits end soon so they can BOTH get back to innovating.