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The Music Machine that Writes its own Albums

Planet Ivy: Iamus, as it’s called, can make music independent of human input.

It’s been an apocalyptic past few months here on Earth. We dodged the end of the world, endured a meteor, and now robots are one bug away from taking over. Confused by the last caveat? Well, the planet’s first computer composer is ready to take the world by storm under stage name Iamus. Invented in Spain, it’s already released a self-titled debut album, written entirely through artificial intelligence, which has been performed by some of the world’s leading musicians.

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erinkatrina3187d ago

This has been a long time coming-we've automated and outsourced everything else, it was only a matter of time!

appleandroid3187d ago

Yes, but as a part-time musician, I hope they don't stifle our already dwindling revenue streams. It will lose the 'feeling' anyway

mrtechnology3187d ago

I agree-they can never capture that which makes music so unique, the way a distorted guitar ona rock song can smash you obefr the head, etc :)

androidboy3187d ago

I'd love to see what this can do for videogame scores :)

jimmyofages3187d ago

Unlimited arpeggios layered x 100 !!

cheetorb3186d ago

Considering "real" music is the sound of emotion, this will fit right in with today's popular one hit wonder crap.

Funny, for as long as it took to probably build this thing, these people could have just learned to play instrument and make real music.

They should make a machine that can make sound and reasonable political decisions, put most of these career politicians out of work.