India third largest 'spam spewing nation' in world

The Indian Express-India has ranked third on the list of the countries distributing spam across the world, after US and China, a new report has claimed.

While the US was the single highest-ranking country in the study, Asia topped the list of continents with 36.6 per cent of the world's spam accounted for.

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Speed-Racer3192d ago

3rd? Thought they were first by now.

Settler3192d ago

Survery proved that spammers also born in US

Speed-Racer3192d ago

Thanks for pointing the obvious out even though I was just expressing my opinion.

Mark4843191d ago

Then why don't you expressed your feeling toward china and US.I think you commented before reading who is at number 1 and 2...LOLZ :P

Speed-Racer3191d ago

On the few sites I've worked on (including here), and from emails, Facebook, etc... a majority of the spam comes from India. Speaking with friends who are mods at various other large forums, a majority of their spam comes from places like India and Indonesia. Don't need to be cheeky about it Mark, but I guess you need to defend your country.

Mark4843191d ago

I am not defending anyone man . I can explain the reason about India and china having billions of population so may be large number of people so more chances to spam . but US has millions of people so its not digest to me that why its on top from India and china in spam ... LOLZ

Speed-Racer3191d ago

Hmm I really wish I could understand what you were saying though :/ You can't really correlate population sizes with spam though. Having a 1 billion+ population doesn't tell me how many people have access to high level technology capable of sending spam. Usually these spam rings are headed up by just a few people controlling hundreds of slave computers they've infected with viruses. You can't really justify the % with population size. I should add that I don't even live in the US or China, so it's not that I'm trying to defend them either.

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