It's Official: Teens Are Bored With Facebook

SF Gate: Teenagers are a good measure of what's "cool." Observing which apps they use and how they interact with technology can help the rest of us spot budding trends.

And lately it seems teens have grown tired of Facebook.
Adam Ludwin recently launched a social photo album app called Albumatic. Before its launch, he showed the app to a focus group of 20+ people under the age of 25. Most told Ludwin they didn't like how reliant the app was on Facebook.

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appleandroid2795d ago

...The teens are moving to Facebook, leaving a wake of barely-legibile comments behind them :/

Speed-Racer2794d ago

Don't worry, they'll carry it along to whatever new social network they join.

kingPoS2794d ago

Ah! you mean sleep texting.

Funny stuff I tellya... funny stuff.

Settler2794d ago (Edited 2794d ago )

Its human nature, BTW whats next then ? Google Plus ??

mcstorm2794d ago

Good job ive still got my myspace account then just in case they all move to that.