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Samsung Releases New Galaxy S IV Teaser Video

PCMag-Samsung is making a big push for its next flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S IV, and today it released a new teaser video ahead of the March 14 reveal.

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Vishaka2715d ago

lol this is funny , he’s running away and trying to keep it secret.

LOL_WUT2714d ago

I get what they where trying to do but, I wasn't impressed. I think they should've gone with a better concept. ;)

Speed-Racer2714d ago

I bet you if Apple did it, you'd praise them like it was baby Jesus.

adorie2714d ago

This is most likely going to be my upgrade.

Crazyglues2714d ago

Wow...! I never thought I would say this since I'm an iPhone guy but this looks like it's going to be my next upgrade too..

-Wow maybe it's also time to buy some Google Stock-

adorie2714d ago

Someone disagrees that this shouldn't be my next upgrade? Lol.

Speed-Racer2714d ago

Not necessarily (Re: google stock), more like Samsung stock, as you can see that Google is actually worried about Samsung's growth.

Crazyglues2714d ago (Edited 2714d ago )

@ Racer-X

Wow I'm surprised that Google is worried about Samsung's Growth... Maybe they should start making their own phones..

moneygun22714d ago


Google does make there own phone. They don't manufacture it but its there exclusive brand, and arguable the best android device your can get. (Nexus 4) This doesn't matter to me as I have found my preference to be iPhone. I tried jumping into the android ecosystem last year and went with an HTC One X. Nice phone but there is no consistency. I went back last month and picked up an iPhone 5. It's just a better device, with a more stable and robust intuitive infrastructure. Although I dearly miss widgets.

HappyGaming2714d ago

@moneygun2 Yeah iOS is more simple with less adaptability. Android is for people who like to have more freedom over their phone.

LackTrue4K2714d ago

you say your into tec/upgrades, and you drop $$$ just off of this commercial....
show some specs PLEASE!!!!

Rhythmattic2714d ago (Edited 2714d ago )


And people that want to change their iphone experience can do as much , if not more than goey (android) based phones...

Its called jailbreaking. It has the ecosystem of iOS "Simplicity" plus the benefits of "adaptability" & "Freedom"

All the people that complain about the closed nature of ios should realise it can be tweek'd as much as Android...

Next you'll say "its easier to do whatever you what to do to your android phone, instead of the hassle of jailbreaking an ios device."

Pot, kettle , black.

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Anarki2714d ago

Luckily for me, I can upgrade in April! Time to get rid of the ol' gs2

Azmatik2714d ago (Edited 2714d ago )

Lol same i sill got the s2 with the rectangle button glad i didnt buy the s3

Kaneda2714d ago

I know what is in the box.. smart phone with bigger screen!