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Sony's PlayStation 4 is a thinly disguised PC

TechRadar - Sony may not have had an actual box to display. But it has revealed the innards of its next-gen PlayStation 4 games console. And it's pure PC.

The CPU is an AMD design with eight x86-64, low-power Jaguar cores, while the graphics core is also from AMD and derived from its latest Radeon HD family and roughly equivalent to a 7850 graphics board. But does that matter? Possibly. Here's why.

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-Mezzo-3194d ago

Cannot wait. Simple As That.

SnakeCQC3193d ago

except you cant play sony first party games on a pc

MetalArcade3193d ago

Um... yeah, all consoles are made from PC parts, only sometimes the parts are custom made.

KingPin3193d ago

Hopefully now we wont have devz moaning about development difficulty. but i sure hope that because its easier to develop for, its not as easy to max out. that would suck coz then in 3 years you cant squeeze anymore out of it, every game starts to look the same.

seen the new killzone video though, looks awesome.

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