Leaked Photos: Apple iPhone 5S will come with A7 quad-core CPU and GPU, 2 GB of RAM

iOSDoc: The iPhone 5S will come with a new quad-core Apple A7 processor, clocked at 1.2Ghz and iOS 7. The phone’s design will probably be very much similar to the iPhone 5, getting only hardware and software improvements. iOS 7 will also come with a highly improved Siri, able to “do a lot of new cool stuff.” Unfortunately our source didn’t want to speak very much about this aspect.

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RiciuAndrei3208d ago

That was fast! Do you really think the exterior design will be the same as the iPhone 5 ?

Vishaka3208d ago

Exactly the same logic board as the iPhone 5! Except for the A7 inscription. Can you post a close up of the QR-code beneath the watermark?

Upbeat3208d ago

This tech is A year late

solid_warlord3208d ago

if they iphone 5 has 1.6ghz and 5s has 1.2ghz, doesn't that mean its slower?

KwietStorm_BLM3208d ago

Yes, the clock speed is slower, but it has twice the cores. Its like 2 guys working at a slightly faster individual speed than 4 guys doing the same job, and getting more done together with a bigger workforce.

MikeMyers3208d ago

They should just get rid if the midterm iPhone (S series) and just focus on real increments.

Reborn3208d ago

Doubt it.

Until it doesn't sell well that is.

KingPin3208d ago

why would they do they.

Apple loyalists already bought the iphone 5 and they waiting to upgrade to the 5S. it will sell millions.

caseh3208d ago


Thats the irony of it, they will upgrade as it has more cores (being a bit generous with this assumption, they are actually upgrading as the 5 now has an S after it) but chances are there is nothing they do that will utilise those improved specs.

Tying themselves to another 24 month contract > £40 per month for something they effectively already own.

*Facepalm* part the fools of their cash

clrlite3207d ago (Edited 3207d ago )

unlikely, haha.

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The story is too old to be commented.