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PlayStation 4 Are You Willing To Pay $600 For It? Shut Up and Take My…Wait How Much?

GamerFitNation's CEO Antwand Pearman AKA BlackBible asks if you're willing to pay $600 dollars for the PlayStation 4.On February 20th, 2013 Pearman will be attending the Sony press event to see if the rumors of the PlayStation 4 are true or false. He won’t be able to conduct an on camera interviews.So Pearman thought it would be awesome if he could ask, you the gaming community your thoughts on his opinions. In this video Pearman pose the question “Are you willing to pay another $600 price tag?”

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fatstarr2937d ago

599 us dollars. sony fans will pay

Bigkurz852937d ago

Just like they did when PS3 launched?

adorie2937d ago

I dropped over 700 bucks on PS3 launch. 1 game 2 controllers. 599.99 isn't much.

Bigkurz852937d ago

It's pretty well accepted that sonys launch price (and really it's first few years) were a big fail.

MmaFan-Qc2936d ago

if its 599$ or less, im buying it day one like i did with the ps3.

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BrunoM2937d ago

It's Gonna be at 449 and 499 with 2 sku

GuyThatPlaysGames2936d ago

I paid $1,000 for mine 2 days after release and I'm fine with it. Just shut up and pay!

cruxito2936d ago

helll yeah, i paid 600 for mine and 2 games and those were the bet 700 dllrs i spent. after 6 years and my console still running like a BEAST!!

KwietStorm_BLM2936d ago

It won't be that much though. Logically look at the reasons (the custom tech) the PS3 was priced so high, and then look at the [assumed] tech in the PS4. Still powerful, but much more standard and modern architecture.

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MaXsPoT2937d ago

I paid 350 pounds for a WiiU, why wouldn't I pay $600 for a next generation console?
I'll buy the first Next-Gen console for any price.

mcstorm2937d ago

I agree with you. IM like that if I want something ill pay what ever the price is. I got a surface rt when it came out and the same as I got a 3ds psv and Wiiu to. Ill do the same with the ps4 and next Xbox if they look interesting but that said the more £ they put on the home consoles the less I see them selling to the none core market.

The biggest issue with the none core now is tablets. The none core want to pay less for there devices but if a device like a tablet is the same price as a console then they will look at this as it offers them more than gaming.

This is now the biggest issue Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft have. The core gamers are in a way easy to please. Give them the games they want and you have your console sold. The none core need a low price and also a wow factor like the Wii or Kinect.

Move was a flop as such with the none core because it looked just like a Wii but double the price.

I really do hope all 3 get the pricing right for the next gen and I think having a £250 to £350 price point for there next consoles could be the best way to get the none core interested and give the core the games they want to get them interested to.

0ut1awed2936d ago

With that logic why not go for something even more powerful, a pc?

fredolopez2937d ago

great video! i think it will be worth the $600 once we start seeing titles that are only accessible through the PS4.

Xenomorph2937d ago

It will be around $400 from the source from Japan. Point being that once you see the launch titles you will forget about the price tag.

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The story is too old to be commented.