Microsoft has Lost And They Know It

TechFlashed : Microsoft takes on Google on privacy concern of Gmail. Microsoft has started a campaign "Scroogled" urging users all around the world to use Outlook instead of Google's Gmail. The campaign educates that Google goes through contents of all Gmail emails to sell and target ads.

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Speed-Racer3645d ago

I dunno about that. Outlook is pretty neat. I use it for custom domains since they allow up to 500 free accounts per domain. Their spam controls have improved significantly over the last year. At the moment I wouldn't just ship from Gmail to Outlook because I've had my personal address with them since the beta, but there are no viable options for very small businesses. You have to pay $5 per account/email address per custom domain.

On another note though, advertising is Google's biggest revenue model. I think everyone knows Google Ads are successful because of how well they target user. It was never a surprise.

Generally sounds like a fanboy rant.

SilentNegotiator3643d ago

As in "Scroogled", that story written by someone whom could only be reading the entirety of 1984 every day and on a constant drip of paranoia-inducing drugs?

Adorable, Microsoft, using tactics akin to political scares to over-exaggerate Google's open, honest privacy policy for ad-targeting.

kingPoS3643d ago

Google's Email is definitely more manageable than yahoo.
I've got spam up the wazoo with yahoo mail.

theseeder3643d ago

I bet whoever wrote this has no experience supprting business email. Outlook and Exchange ftw

Speed-Racer3643d ago

Yup. Same goes for the disagrees. I had the mindset that Google was always better than Outlook as well, but only recently tried it and it's been really amazing. Tied it into Outlook and email on Android and all of them sync perfectly.

CptBach3643d ago

Outlook is definitely the best provider.. Gmail was better than hotmail but the switch to was a great move