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Razer Electra Headset Review | GES

The Razer Electra headset brings music to gamers’ ears, it is built for comfort, sound isolation and deep enhanced bass.

The Electra headset tries to incorporate your music listening and gaming headset into one and it does a decent job, its sturdy, looks great and works well with any device. First of all I like the build of it; you can see the quality of the headset which looks and feels great. Extending the headset to fit your head is easy and it doesn’t make it feel flimsy either. The ear cup fits very comfortably and it doesn’t hurt your ears after a while.

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TechRadar - Razer Electra review

TechRadar - How does one really define a gaming headset? A set of headphones fitted with a mic and volume control? Surround sound cans with programmable neon lights? Any audio device coated in Wotsit crumbs and/ or Mountain Dew?

Razer's budget Electra offering tests this definition, and (spoiler) not in a good way. As you'll notice, the microphone is a hands-free style electret that can only be used for devices that support a combined 3.5mm audio + mic input like smartphones or the WiiU.

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