PC Memory Prices Continue to Rise

Maximum PC: Anyone remember when a 2GB overclocking kit would run a couple hundred dollars? Those days are long gone, replaced by the current landscape in which you can scoop up a 32GB DDR3 memory kit for around $150 or $160. DRAM prices are dirt cheap, as they have been for some time now, and it's taken a toll on DRAM makers. According to DRAMeXchange, top tier memory makers continue to reduce shipments of commodity DRAM to drive up prices, and it's working.

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RickHiggity4185d ago

Agreed. lets just hope prices start to go down rather than up.

newsguy4186d ago

I just RAMed my head into the wall upon hearing this news.

Somebody4185d ago

Mobile device makers are eating away profit from the PC and the best response PC makers can give is to bump up prices on the hardware? Just what are they thinking here?

Grap4185d ago

short supplies=high prices. Basic economic knowledge.

Tzuno4185d ago

It's ddr5 man is the latest go buyyyyyy. they can put turds inside if they put a new name is sold. i have the latest, i have the latest, la la la la.

TreeFiddy4185d ago

... and as more memory is made, older memory becomes cheaper. Nothing new.


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