John Sciacca Review: Kaleidescape Opens Industry Leading Download Store

Review - “If you could purchase movies over the Internet with precisely the same video and audio quality of a physical Blu-ray Disc or DVD, would you ever purchase a shiny, round disc again? Well guess what? This is now a reality.” – Kaleidescape

My first brush with Kaleidescape’s innovative disc-based movie server was back in 2002. I was one of the first reviewers to be sent the product for review, and I can recall standing on my front lawn, talking on my cell phone with company co-founder, Cheena Srinivasan, going over the system. When describing what Kaleidescape was, Cheena told me his vision for the future of the company. “We want to be more than just a media management company,” he said. “We want to eventually get into content delivery.”

Ten years ago, Srinivasan felt that digital delivery was going to be an important roadmap milestone for Kaleidescape, and starting today that is a reality.

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