5 interesting facts about the company that makes your iPhones and iPads

ETECHMAG: Foxconn, the largest manufacturer of technological components makes all the iPhones, iPads, and several other gadgets in use today. The company is notorious for the terrible working conditions faced by its workers, most of which are in their early teens. Today we’re going to cover 5 things you didn’t know about the company that makes your iPhones, iPads and probably any other device you are reading this post on.

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fatstarr2821d ago

and here I thought they still made cheapo mobos.

etechmag2821d ago

They make cheap everything.

Soldierone2821d ago

This is why things break within a year.....

SnakeCQC2821d ago

i bough an iphone 4 it had to be replaced 4 times within 18 months no phone i have ever owned has that ever happened to that's why i love my samsung phones

Soldierone2820d ago

Thats how Motorola phones are for me. Last one I had broke 5 times and Verizon was thinking I did it on purpose to get a new phone.....

yet my LG and Sony phones last through the entire 2 year contracts.....

etechmag2820d ago

It's a cutthroat market, and everyone is trying to save money where they can. This is terrible for workers and users, but it's good for the companies.