The Man Cave Cinema: Is Blu Ray Dying?

The Man Cave Cinema: With the popularity of video streaming apps that can display HD quality video and Dolby Digital Plus sound, are people still buying Blu Ray's?

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gamernova2830d ago

Lmao! Blu ray has barely started.

mushroomwig2830d ago

In other news, gamernova appears to be stuck in the year 2005.

CraigandDayDay2830d ago (Edited 2830d ago )

Blu Ray still has many advantages over streaming. It doesn't eat up any network data, for one. Two, the picture and sound are much higher quality on Blu Ray. Not only that, but you cannot let anyone borrow your digital copies if movies. I'm still a firm believer of buying physical copies of my movies. They are MINE when I buy a Blu ray copy. You're at the mercy of the content providers when you buy digital or stream movies from Netflix or Amazon Instant Video, etc.

I have a nice home theater (Yamaha) setup that supports DTS HD MA and Dolby True HD and with Blu Ray's lossless audio codecs like these, I get a much more rich sounding experience. You can most definitely tell the difference between Dolby Digital 5.1 or DTS 5.1 versus their HD audio counterparts (DTS HD & True HD). Plus, the video bit rates are higher on Blu Ray versus streaming. Streaming HD and HD via Satellite or Cable TV is highly compressed, thus it's very lossy in both its audio and video.

Blu Ray has awhile to go before it dies.

gamernova2830d ago

A quad layered blu ray can hold 150 gigs of data. If you would try to stream anywhere near that your data would be throttled. Blu-ray is necessary when accessing even HD even Ultra HD content. You just cannot see beyond the capabilities of streaming. Streaming can catch up after they perfect the codecs but currently blu ray provides a great solution for those seeking the best image.

Anarki2830d ago

Goodluck streaming 4k resolution movies.

nukeitall2830d ago

Yup, BR is dying as consumers are moving more and more to streaming. The advantages:

* access to the best quality streams (your blu-ray is stuck at 1080p)

* access entire library anywhere

Those two conveniences alone will kill blu-ray as internet adoption accelerates

ChrisW2829d ago (Edited 2829d ago )

In America, it seems silly to try and stream Blu Ray quality movies. But in countries like Japan and Korea, where they have 100MB/s or more connections, it's not so silly. Heck, at those speeds you can easily stream HD 3D movies, which can easily be about 10GBs.

Once America catches up to those high speed standards... Well... Actually it's more of a matter of if than when...

Sarcasm2829d ago

What's probably going to kill STREAMING HD is data caps. Although different in various cities, my local Comcast is limited to a measly 250GB a month. That might sound a lot to some, but with Netflix going, multiplayer gaming, downloading some steam games (Max Payne 3 is 30 frickin GB), downloading various other things. I've found myself hitting that cap a bit too easily.

So no, Blu-Ray will have a place to stay also for the reasons others have already mentioned.

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Axecution2830d ago (Edited 2830d ago )

I think my problem is the price of 3D movies.

Hate on 3D all you want but the reason it's not taking off is that, if i walk into Best Buy to buy one, it costs 40-50 dollars for one movie...

Same with new-release movies. I mean they fairly quickly drop to 10 dollars or so, but they launch at like 30. Why would i spend 30 dollars to watch a new release movie lol screw off. ...but then i netflix it and then dont buy it when it's 10 dollars cause ive already seen it lol.

idk kind of an unavoidable problem but still annoying lmao. Maybe if new releases launched at like 10 bucks i'd buy a lot more.

Daver2830d ago

Im still buying blu rays...

babis19742830d ago

blu-ray is the future of hd

aviator1892830d ago

Am I the only one still buying DVDs here?

SilentNegotiator2830d ago

Since every other Blu-ray you buy seems to come with a DVD copy these days, not technically.

f7897902830d ago

Buy online and you'll find the bluray only option for cheaper.

Unztayble2830d ago

nope! I still buy DVD's. have never purchased a blu-ray movie, not even used. The only ones I'll consider buying are those blu-ray DVD combo packs.

Dread2829d ago

I also like dvd's

and they are much cheaper now.

Also, lots of movies, specially the ones that came before the year 2000 look almost as good in DVD as in blu ray

that said, there are many movies that have to be seen in blue ray, particularly sci-fi


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