SRN: Sony Xperia Z vs. iPhone 5

SonyRumors compared Sony's 2013 flagship Android smartphone, the Xperia Z against Apple's flagship, the iPhone 5. Though specs don't make a phone, the article compares the two in pictures and in internal guts.

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caseh3596d ago

'You knew it was coming and since Sony is positioning the Xperia Z as their flagship phone, its only fair to compare it against the undisputed king of phones, the iPhone and specifically, the iPhone 5.'

Haha hello? S3 is a better phone than the iPhone 5, hardly the king is it.

I'll be shifting to the Xperia Z from my S2 once it releases, didn't see the need to get an S3 as it would have been sheer overkill at the time but my contract is almost up and this Xperia looks impressive.