HTC Sense 5 Looks Good, But Not Great

Geeks Have Landed: Screenshots of HTC’s latest operating system update have surfaced on XDA Developers. The screenshots were taken from a HTC Droid DNA running the OS, which had been ported from HTC’s rumoured M7 flagship phone.

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Headset-Only Version Of The Cosmos Elite Will Sell For $549

Starting in April, HTC will start shipping a headset-only option for the Vive Cosmos Elite, along with a free copy of Half-Life: Alyx, for $549.


HTC's Vive Cosmos has the company's highest-resolution screens to date

Here are the specs of the Vive Cosmos.

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Deadline Approaches for Vive X Submissions

Time is running out for start-ups to apply to be part of Batch 4 of the Vive X Accelerator programme.