Microsoft Only Sold 1 Million Surfaces Last Quarter, Says UBS

BUSINESS INSIDER : Microsoft's Surface is off to a very slow start, in UBS analyst Brent Thill's opinion.
He estimates Microsoft sold just 1 million Surface RT tablets, down from his previous estimate of 2 million.

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Thefreeman0123667d ago

Drop the price since is less known or desired for that matter compared to apple. I wanted to sell my apple and buy one before I found out it was more expensive than an apple product with less value than one

fatstarr3667d ago

yes this exactly... stupid pricing -_-
they need to take a loss on the os if they want the success of android.

adorie3667d ago

With Android being essentially free, and reading how Microsoft does things, that would be a hard pill for them to swallow.

It's going to have to happen for them to flourish,but I'm not a business major, so I can't even guess how they could without raising eyebrows about the PC OS pricing/licenses

Thefreeman0123667d ago

@adorie nor am i a business major but if you want someone to buy your relatively new unheard of product over the highly touted ipad. at the same price range the average consumer is gonna go with the reliable, most attractive offer. MS really doesnt offer much with surface, the type pad is separate and incredibly expensive as well as having a limited app store.

Gondee3667d ago

They offered less product for more money. There was no real selling point. Everything this Surface did, something else did better. That doest mean they can't come back, but it probably means they wont.