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Orange wants to help make international HD voice calls more common

GigaOM: The carrier group, which has been a pioneer when it comes to high-definition voice in mobile communications, is offering other operators a wholesale service where Orange would handle the international routing of HD voice calls for both mobile and wireline.


Anger at EE's Orange webmail problems

Orange webmail customers are unable to access their inboxes after a fibre-optic cable is cut.


Orange adds £41m to our bills – but what does that look like?

Which? Conversation: Happy Orange Wednesday! Or not so happy if you’re actually an Orange customer. One year ago today Orange announced a price rise on fixed mobile contracts, but how much did this add to its customers' bills?

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Orange Makes their 3G up to 50% Faster

Suck My Trend - Orange has just announced in the past few minutes that they have updated their Mobile Network which is joint run with T-Mobile. They have announced that they have ‘turbocharged’ their 3G service, and it now runs at 50% faster, meaning mobile users in the UK will get that one step closer to 4G technology.

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