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Valve spokesperson says Steam Box will use Linux; is due for full reveal in 2013

PC Gamer - According to a report on German tech site, Valve will unveil Steam Box some time in 2013. Speaking at the EHSM 2012 conference in Berlin last month, Valve electronics engineer Ben Krasnow reportedly confirmed that the Steam Box will run on Linux as well – no surprise to anyone who remembers Gabe Newell’s anti-Windows tirade last year.

-Mezzo-3982d ago

Really looking forward to this, it's be interesting to see how it fairs against the Next-Gen of Sony & Microsoft's consoles.

KingPin3982d ago (Edited 3982d ago )

gabe was anti sony when he couldnt program for it calling it a waste of time. and then fat man had to eat those words. now he is anti-microsoft coz they have their own console coming out. give him 2 years when the valve box only exclusive is HL and he will be chowing his anti-microsoft words too.

gamernova3981d ago

I do not trust Gabe. I love Steam but I do not trust him as an individual. We will see what happens with this system.

Software_Lover3981d ago

This just seems like a bad idea to me. Just a bad, egotistical idea.

Blackdeath_6633981d ago

Really? i think its a f****** genius idea. to be able to bring steam services to the consoles users and open a whole new range of possibilities that were exclusive to pc only. my only concern is are they going to stick with controller or are they going to make games that only use keyboard&mouse available? i am in a dilemma now i have always been working towards getting a pc but i may have to hold for a bit and see what next gen has to offer.

KingPin3981d ago

it will just be a glorified mid/high-range linux box. nothing more, nothing less.

as for using keyboard and mouse support, seems a lil unfair to controller only gamers don't you think? or should they also be expected to pay for extra peripherals?

Blackdeath_6633981d ago (Edited 3981d ago )

@KingPin some game just cannot be played with controller why can't people accept that? lets assume for example that all steam games will be available on the steambox (i mean why wouldn't they that the whole point of the steambox right?) how do you expect to play dota2 on a controller? i think valve should sell a keyboard and mouse bundle and yes they are expected to pay for it i mean for the wii you were expected to buy the nunchuck for some games and more wii motes to play party games i don't think its unfair at all as long as it has support for other wireless keyboards and mice like the ps3 does so you can use your own keyboard that many people already have.

The_KELRaTH3981d ago (Edited 3981d ago )

With regards the keyboard/mouse v controller; each product generates an ID code so it wouldn't be an issue to create online "controller only" game servers etc. It could even be set as a user option as I'm sure there are controller gamers who might like the challenge of playing against KB players.

Software_Lover3981d ago


I agree with KingPin. It will just be a glorified mid/high linux box. Nothing more, nothing less. And if Valve tries to make HL3 or any big game that they create, which is a small portion of the games on steam, exclusive to this system, All HELL WOULD BREAK LOOSE. My current ITX rig, with a 7950 will probably be more powerful than this rig, for years to come at that.

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