Dear Apple: I'm Leaving You

Business Insider - There’s no easy way to put this so I’ll just come right out with it. I’m leaving you. It’s been great (mostly) but it’s over.

I figured the least I could do is to explain my decision in full – I like to think it might help protect you from nasty break-ups like this in the future.

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-Mezzo-3191d ago

Finally people waking up to realize the crap Apple's been pulling for the last 4/5 Years.

7 Months, Really. *F* That.

MikeMyers3191d ago

"All it means is that I have to throw out all the devices I’ve bought over the past years which plug into my iPhone: adaptors, radios, speakers and so on."

Can't people just buy an adapter?

Anyways I'm also thinking of changing over. We have way more options (that are actually great products) now than we did just 5 years ago.

-Mezzo-3191d ago

People Can, If they can buy an iPhone 5, they sure can buy an Adapter.

It's just about realizing that you've been taken for a ride by Apple.

techtheweek3191d ago

Amen to that. It is shocking what they have pulled out the bag this time. Nexus 4 will be on their arse's soon

Madusha3191d ago (Edited 3191d ago )

Apple was great. The release of the first iPhone changed the smartphone market forever with it's intuitive operating system and touch screen capabilities. Steve Jobs said the technology was '5 years ahead' of anything on the market, and it was. Now, 5 years later, they are falling behind. Android is now, in my opinion, better than iOS with the new Jellybean release. The iPhone 5 cannot compete with devices running android such as the Nexus 4 (1.5 GHZ + 2gb ram compared to 1Ghz and 1gb ram from iPhone 5). Why would I want to pay such high prices for the iPhone 5 when the Nexus is a far better phone for a lot cheaper? Things are only getting worse for Apple with its yearly releases. The rumored Galaxy S4 is said to have a 2Ghz processor, 5inch display and 3GB of ram (Release is rumored to be Feb 2013). - More powerful than the laptop I'm using to type this comment.

I've been a big apple fan since the start and currently own the 4S but I am now looking at Android phones and maybe even the Lumia 920 Windows Phone 8 device.

Gondee3191d ago

Lets hope the new GS3 doesn't come out in Feb, thats 7-8 month life cycle. Samsung doesn't support old devices either, the original GS had support for 8 months then the GS2 for about 6-7 months. Now we barley get 4.1 and get ditched...

Also im curious what laptop your using? lol ARM processors generally get destroyed by even the lowest end x86 chips...

Wintersun6163191d ago

I bought an SGS2 15 months ago and it is confirmed that this phone will get a Jelly Bean update this month. Though it could've happened sooner, but I don't think they've already dropped support. I also get smaller updates about once every month.

Crazay3191d ago

I'm still more and more shocked over the actual speed and capabilities of the phones when compared to netbooks and laptops.

If you told me 10 years ago that my cell phone would one day do all the same things as a laptop and be comparable in technology I would have said you were out to lunch.

leakeltz3191d ago (Edited 3191d ago )

BusinessInsider is like Huffingtonpost.

All of its editorial articles are just there for the sake of driving visitors on their site, and not really to educate. Heck, it can't even create its own original content without copying from real sources like gizmodo, engadget, techcrunch, etc.

Speed-Racer3191d ago

and PinoyTutorial is any better?

Albie3603191d ago

I am very happy with my new Samsung galaxy note 2. My cellphone contact expired, and they could not provide me with a new iPhone. I was really in doubt with my decision, cause everything in my home is apple. I was until lately the biggest apple fan, but with all honesty apple is a load of over expensive bullshit. Ask anyone not bebeing biased, they would clearly tell you that android is the better system, or at least getting there very quickly. I am not going back. I really feel sorry for the guys who were in doubt, and now upgraded to the iphone 5. BIG MISTAKE!!! Android really is what apple should have been witout all the restrictions.

KingPin3191d ago

iOs with no restrictions = android
MacOS with no restrictions = linux

apple like the fact that they have control, the more they can lock you in, be it with iphone 5 or itunes or whatever, the better for them.

i admit, the first iphone was pure class, miles ahead of the king of the hill nokia, but since then its been downhill while their prices seemed to be getting more expensive.

the thing with android being open, you always going to get the 5% of a$$holes looking to create malware/viruses etc. the other 95% that enjoy the open system really create. the devz over at xda are an example of this.

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