Why LG Is The Worst Nexus Partner Ever

Androidpit: I am so very very glad that the awesomeness of my Galaxy Note 2 has kept me from wanting the LG Nexus 4. Now don’t get me wrong...the LG Nexus 4 is certainly one hell of a hardware powerhouse, and at $299, you won’t get a better Android phone at that price point. But LG do I put this nicely...

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Gondee3185d ago

Google is subsidizing the nexus 4 when bought through them. Im sure 300 is about "At cost" for the phone. LG just makes the phone a supplies it to retailers. Google is one of them...

More critically though, google is messing the rest of the Android phone market up. They are undercutting anything HTC or Samsung could ever charge. A rase to the bottom will leave us with cheaply made android handsets as a whole. And once again, (as you saw with the PC market) apple [or another] rains supreme by providing premium products to a market where consumers demand it, and can afford it.