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Apple Loses Rights to Sell iPhone Brand in Mexico

Mashable: Apple can no longer continue selling iPhone-branded products in Mexico, as of a Thursday ruling by courts in Mexico City.

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iSpy3193d ago

Its loss to the Mexican people.

KingPin3192d ago

not really, they always have samsung.

LOL_WUT3192d ago

Why settle for something Samsung when you can get something better?

ArmrdChaos3192d ago (Edited 3192d ago )

Hmmm...How does it feel apple? Ironically you were the one trying to prevent choice in other countries and now in Mexico you are looking in. That's called KARMA. =)

Gondee3191d ago

Luckily, and im sure for reasons like these, Mexico is an insignificant market for Apple.

So much hate for apple these days, damn. People take the companies actions so personally, and inevitably, as a strike against their preference....

ArmrdChaos3191d ago (Edited 3191d ago )

Any company that wishes to remove our right as consumers to choose always earns my disfavor. Apple is choosing to patent sue the competition away so that they can keep bringing features out at THEIR own rate...which to this point has been very little with each interation. If you wish to operate like that and have a following willing to buy a new phone with minimal differences each year then have at it. But... DON'T remove my choice as a consumer to go elsewhere should that not be acceptable to me...which is the main reason why Apple is trying to stop Samsung through lawsuits. The money they are currently raking in is not enough...they have to have ALL of it.

Gondee3190d ago

However, you make it seem as though apple is the only one sueing its competitors to gain a market advantage. Samsung is sueing apple at the same time.....

They all do it, and its within their rights a companies to do so. But specifically, in the case Apple v Samsung over the the GS/GT it actually did look as though Samsung copied Apples design. Internal memos used the ipad and original iphone as reference points, and the degree of their similarity decided how acceptable they were. I remember the day the Galaxy S was released thinking, damn, this looks just like the iphone. And in fact, it was decided by the court that samsung laid out its UI similar to IOS so customers could easily navigate. Effectively using engineering to catch up with their second generation device. If someone took what my company was making at the moment, made a good copy, and quickly gained market (by refining my design) until they were at full competitiveness i would be pissed. The damages arnt just in the past, they used it as a building block and a starting point to make inroads on Apples market. A market they believe contains cheaters. You don't see them going after HTC or Microsoft. Apple firmly (probably Job's belief) that samsung is where it is, because of that cheating.

Im just stating what the jury concluded, but we will have to see how the appeal goes. All im trying to get at is, one, apple isnt trying to be anti-consumer, and two, all companies would do the same thing if they would make a case of it.

ArmrdChaos3190d ago

Yes, there are no angels where lawsuits are concerned but there is no doubt that Apple was the one that started this patent circle jerk in the mobile arena. Apple's look is no different than windows desktop with icons...only done on a phone. That's not really worthy of a patent in itself. Rounded corner boxes? ....are you serious? ...patents have become a joke and Apple has become one of the poster children for abusing the system. There are a number of other companies in the mobile market that offer up tech free or with very low royalties in order to ensure advancement and consistency between the carriers. Communication protocols would be one example. Apple is the only company that has yet to share any of their technology, yet ironically enough they have no problem USING what other companies have offered up. Apple doesn't give a damn about the good of the mobile market unless they are the only ones in it. And that is why they draw so much negativity.