Download iOS 6.0.1 For iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

TechSpyre - iOS 6.0.1 has been released for the iPhone, iPod Touch and the iPad. According to various sources, the new iOS release comes with a bundle of performance improvements.

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faizanshakyboy3198d ago

it still contains a facebook app bug :(

gadgeek3198d ago

iOS 6.1 beta has already been seeded for developers by Apple. I guess this facebook glitch might get addressed in that one.

faizanshakyboy3198d ago

but i think Apple should test some common apps i.e. facebook, youtube etc while testing

iSpy3197d ago

After Steve apple is not the same, that's why we are seeing many bugs in their final products.

KingPin3197d ago

steve made quality products. thats what built the apple name. people could trust that apple = quality.

nowadays, the guys seem to just be riding the Apple name as far as it can take them. make any rehash of a product, slap an apple logo on it and people are gonna eat it up coz they still assume apple = quality.