Valve Now Accepting Applications for Steam for Linux Limited Beta

Maximum PC: "A Linux port of Steam has been on the cards for a while now. Back in July, the Valve Linux team revealed in its inaugural blog post that it was working on getting a fully-featured Steam client up and running on Ubuntu 12.04. Apparently, that project has made enough progress for Valve to start looking for beta testers."

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newsguy3201d ago

the move away from windows begins...

MikeMyers3201d ago

This won't do much. Windows has way too much penetration out there to ignore. What I don't understand is how Valve can complain about how Windows 8 shuts the door yet they now support Apple.

a_squirrel3200d ago

Well, I've never been penetrated by Windows...

mpctips3201d ago

Looking longer-term, this could be the early stages of a dedicated Steam Box console.

aviator1893201d ago

Valve's support for linux sounds great, but no way I'll ever move to linux from windows for primary computing.

sjaakiejj3201d ago

As soon as a significant portion of the games I care about are ported to Linux through Steam, I'm removing Windows altogether.

Software_Lover3201d ago

why, just to say you did? im really interested to know why. not trying to be a wise @$$.

sjaakiejj3200d ago (Edited 3200d ago )

Because Windows is a pretty lousy operating system compared to Linux.

Linux is more stable and efficient, much nicer and faster to develop in and for, doesn't get congested over time in the way that Windows does, and is far more secure than Windows will ever be.

On top of that, it's a lot faster to type things into a terminal then it is having to find it in a, with Windows 8 even more, convoluted graphical user interface. In addition, terminals give far more flexibility and feedback to the user than a GUI ever will. And yeah, I know Windows has CMD, but let's be honest - CMD is a horrible command line.

Linux is also far more customization than Windows is, without needing to install extra software. You can download and use any window manager you want, ranging from extremely lightweight to fully featured, tailoring the operating system interface exactly to your needs. Furthermore, the update system in Linux is faster and more user friendly than the one in Windows, and you never have to worry about backwards compatibility - what works on one version of Linux works on most others. There are some small details, such as file locations which may be different, but those are just small changes.

Finally, SSH and version control is an excellent reason to use Linux over Windows, especially if you're a developer. And Linux is free.

Having used Linux for 3 years, I can safely say that, given compatibility, I would take it over Windows in a heartbeat, and move over to it as the only operating system on my computer if I were able to play my games on it.

I mean, even small things, like alt-tab to move to a different window just works far better on Linux. If I've got multiple google chrome windows, and multiple notepad windows open, I can use alt+` to switch between chrome windows if that's the one I'm currently viewing, and alt+tab to switch from chrome to notepad and back. That way, I don't have to go through a billion different options of notepad, word, vlc, skype, msn, etc. as I try to find the chrome window that I'm looking for.

And multiple desktops, in which I'm able to press CTRL+ALT+Right Arrow in order to move to a different desktop window, completely abstracted away from the first. If I want, I can move windows from one to another, but it's a clean environment which I can use to improve my productivity. Right now I'm using Windows, and as you can see, instead of being productive I'm posting stuff on N4G lol.

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