Five Revolutionary Media Player Alternatives For VLC Player

TechSpyre - VLC Media Player is no doubt one of the most widely used media players. In fact over the years there seems to have been no alternative to VLC. However, are a lot of media players, which can provide a wider range of functionality than VLC. This is because media players nowadays, have widen their horizon from merely providing multimedia playback functionality. In this post we will provide you with the five revolutionary media player alternatives to VLC. These players have their own set of unique features and additional functionality, which makes them quite exclusive “in their own way”.

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-Superman-3199d ago

BSPlayer is easiest and cleariest.

EL Lanf3199d ago

Really, no mention of MPC-HC? Granted in order to get the best out of it you need to fiddle with it a lot and add a lot of external filters, but it's highly worth it and it's still probably just as good as these 5 without doing so.

It's really surprising, the omission of MPC-HC, because it's almost synonymous with anime fansub playback - the recommended player by pretty much every group due to the ability to customize your filters in order to be compliant and efficient with the latest encoding and subtitle rendering.

frjoethesecond3198d ago


MPC-HC is the best player by far once properly configured for the latest media. It's not hard to do either. Just look up a Hi10P playback guide.

pandehz3199d ago (Edited 3199d ago )

K-lite media player, pros use it and it supports every format out there with every single codec available except Apple Prores codec and DNxHD

Any pc based video editor/dit or whatever video specialist will have something to do with K-lite

shossofe3199d ago

K-lite is just a codec pack, isn't it? The player in that codec pack is MPC player.

frjoethesecond3198d ago

CCCP is better than k-lite but a Hi10P optimized install of MPC-HC is best.

pandehz3198d ago (Edited 3198d ago )

Yea MPC-HC is basically k-lite, im just using the old name when they bundled it together into the player.

Its still bundled together but the name wont show as K-Lite Media Player

And yea it is the bestest :D

mushroomwig3199d ago

Am I the only one who loves splash player?

sealava3198d ago (Edited 3198d ago )

splash player IS one if not the best of all the media players I tried for playing High Quality stuff .
please try it , then try something else and see the picture deference .

frjoethesecond3198d ago

VLC sucks. It's a stuttery resource hog and the quality is mediocre at best. It and it's ilk are for total noobs.