DMCA Rules That Jailbreaking Is Legal For Smartphones, And Illegal For Tablets

Deviceseeker:If you own an iPhone or Android smartphone, then you can jailbreak / root it because it enables interoperability between software. However, the same thing is not valid for tablets because the Librarian still doesn’t know what tablets really are.

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lordgreeg3190d ago

Why is this not surprising at all? This is what happens and incompetent politicians cannot keep up with technology and innovation. Kind of like Apple, if you ask me.

Or... the big companies are paying these guys to adopt stupid laws.

They will probably adopt an exemption for tablets in 2015 when tablet sales will reach hundreds of millions of units sold.

CraigandDayDay3190d ago

"...Kind of like Apple..."

Was that part really necessary? Immaturity at its best. Apple was done a lot for the smartphone and tablet industry. They kickstarted both, really. Neither were mainstream until their respective entrances were introduced to the buying public.

The iPhone and iPad are largely responsible for the uptick of adoption of smartphones and tablets.

Software_Lover3190d ago

Neither the iphone or ipad are responsible for the success of the tablet and/or smartphone industries. The ipod is responsible for that. If Apple had not come out with the ipod, then just as the company was before the ipod, nothing they made would've made a dent in retail or consumers mindset.

3GenGames3190d ago

I buy a computer, I own it and the right to do anything I pelease to it. That's what the pursuit of happiness is for me. I can put a new operating system on it, or I use it as a door stop. F*** them.