Best Free Android Apps To Make Your Phone Spooky This Halloween

TechSpyre - Halloween is slowly smuggling in and its time that you start deciding about your scariest costumes and trick-o-treating. But wait! Let’s face it! Most of us have grown up and it’s probable that trick-o-treating carries no emotional or holiday value for us. However, many of us still engage in the festivities of Halloween to celebrate and party. Maybe, for many of us carving jack o lanterns out of pumpkins is no longer scary or funny; but carrying the spirit of Halloween in our gadgets and electronics is something we still love doing. In case you are a proud owner of an Android phone and you still believe in immersing yourself into Halloween scariness and festivity; then we have some great stuff lined up for you!

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thumbs up man for sharing nice stuff (:

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that sniper game looks pretty fun