Pictures of upcoming 13 inch Retina MacBook Pro leaked

TechDeville: Some pictures and hardware details of the 13 inch Retina MacBook Pro have leaked. It will come with 2 Thunderbolt and 1 HDMI port

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fatstarr3877d ago (Edited 3877d ago )

looks just like last years model.

oh wait I see the difference now!

Amplitude3877d ago (Edited 3877d ago )

The difference is that the screen resolution is now 2560 x 1600 (keep in mind your TV is max 1900 x 1080)
Theres 2 thunderbolt ports which are 20 Gbit per second, obviously faster than even USB 3.0.
a solid state hard drive which is infinately faster than a moving hard drive
There's an HDMI port.
And it's also quite a bit thinner.

Disagree all you want but those are some beasty specs for a 13 inch notebook, and definitely a huge upgrade from the earlier model.

sdtarm3877d ago

thats nothing new that isnt already available for probably a much cheaper price than what apple is gonna sell this macbook at, and the thunderbolt i dont get it, what good is is if its not gonna work but only with certain devices like the iphone? or does it work with usb devices without an adaptor and if it does does it still work at that speed? doubt it

Amplitude3877d ago (Edited 3877d ago )


LOL sure. Find me one man.

I guarantee you wont find a screen with that resolution, along with a multi-touch trackpad, backlit keyboard, aluminum body, USB 3.0, Thunderbolt, a 720p camera, and a 2.6GHz quad-core i7.

It simply doesn't exist, especially in the size of the Macbook.

You can get better hardware in terms or graphics cards, audio adaptors, etc. - but the build quality of these things are insane when you compare them to the same-priced cheap-feeling plastic laptops on the market today that break and have practically no warranty.

CraigandDayDay3877d ago (Edited 3877d ago )

I wish I had waited. I bought last year's 13" model with the i5 320gb 4gb RAM. I want that beautiful Retina display. :) And the built-in hdmi. I have a lightning bolt to hdmi adaptor but it would be cool to just plug an hdmi cable directly into the laptop.

On a side note, with Apple besting their own iMac displays with these new retina-equipped laptops, does anyone else think they might be working on an even higher resolution display for a new line of iMacs. Would have to be a hellaciously large amount of pixels. Like 2000 x 3500 or something.

Moentjers3877d ago

Must be a Google Chromebook with Apple logo on.

TheKayle3877d ago (Edited 3877d ago )

if u like nice design think buy a mac...if u like technology forget it

@axecution i work with graphics everyday and i would really know what u will do with that resolution on a 13" display is totally useless i repeat USELESS u cant work on it....u can just take it around or u will need support monitors to work with it ....with all that power a tiny monitor lke that? ..r they serious? ...photoshop on a 13" monitor? ok u could say but theres an high resolution ..yeah that miniaturize everything on this little monitor

...if u need a computer for work adn have money to buy a mac......take this..pls

or if u like design things take this is in duraluminiuma nd is more beauty than a mac laptop (too minimal)...that is always better (or wait the series 10 that will come out soon)

Software_Lover3877d ago

WTF are you gonna do on that little screen with that Resolution? There is a reason PC monitors near that resolution are larger, 30" +. The pixels are gonna be so f'n small that you are gonna have to get glasses.

bahabeast3876d ago

this is a realli nice pc but i jus cnt see why its soo damn expensive i think they start at 2100 wtf apple.