Is Pheed The New Twitter?

NRM writes "Hand-picking features from a wide-range of the most popular social networks across the web (from Facebook, Tumblr, SoundCloud, to of course Twitter), ‘Pheed’ is all set to become the new Internet darling; having already picked up over 250,000 unique users and celebrities alike in just days, with Paris Hilton, David Guetta, Miley Cyrus and Chris Brown a few noteworthy names."

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Straightupbeastly3209d ago

It won't take off because YouTube has almost all of that express yourself stuff and people get paid from ad revenue. I can see pheed becoming nothing more than an elitist hangout.

cheetorb3209d ago

Just another rock to add to the rubble

caseh3209d ago

Christ, last thing we need is a new twatter.

Its getting ridiculous, anything remotely popular and its like #this #that @yourmother facebook blah blah. Honestly, no one give a fuck that you just took a shit and are now having sunday lunch.