Windows Boss Can't Resist Riding the Surface Like a Skateboard

Maximum PC: "With just a few days left to go until the release of Windows 8 and the Microsoft-built Surface tablets, the Redmond-based company has donned its marketing hat. While the jury is still out on the amount Microsoft has earmarked for the Windows 8 marketing campaign, it is likely to be a large sum (some reports peg it at over $1 billion), especially considering how much Microsoft has riding on these two products. But wait, what exactly does Microsoft have “riding” on them?"

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mpctips3200d ago Show
newsguy3200d ago

Microsoft's lame attempt at trying to get something viral?

fatstarr3200d ago

Hopefully all the push is paying off. I see ads on the subway now

Just got to appeal to the casuals to make money.

pompombrum3200d ago

If you're going to do the man child playing something like it's a big toy, at least get Tom Hanks to do it.

M_Prime3200d ago

they have the money for Tom Hanks lol

M_Prime3200d ago

I hope this takes off and does well, considering windows 8 will be the same Metro layout it may catch on.

I feel that MS is loosing money on all this cool research, i mean Windows Phones aren't a large part of the market but they have some cool features. I own an iPhone and i would like to have a few things from MS phones but i still feel the iPhone is better overall.

However SMARTGLASS will work on all phones so there may be no use for a MS phone or SURFACE tablet.

adorie3200d ago

Thy're going about their own way of mimicking Apple's success. They've done it before in other areas of business.

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