Hackers say they’ve found Amanda Todd’s tormentor

thestar.com: A group of hackers say they have tracked down a man they say is Amanda Todd’s tormenter.

The “hacktivists” are part of the group Anonymous and say they have found a man in his early 30s from New Westminster, B.C., who allegedly blackmailed the 15-year-old girl for pictures over the Internet.

Smokeeye1234235d ago

Do more of this and people won't fucking hate you Anonymous.

SnakeCQC4235d ago

anonymous have done quite a lot of good since their alliance with wikileaks

Archmagel4235d ago (Edited 4235d ago )

What about when they took down those horrible "children" sites and then invited the FBI and Interpol to have the names of the frequent visitors? I believe they put their skills to good use more than you realize. You rarely hear the good they do because others are trying to focus on the "bad".

RockmanII74234d ago

You act like Anon is one universal group all following the same goal. It's more similar to a community than a group in which that saying "I hate Anonymous for hacking PSN" is like saying "I hate Christians for being intolerant" yes it may apply to some but not to all. Everything Anonymous does I'm sure there are members who affiliate themselves with Anonymous that disagree with what is happening.

CanadianTurtle4235d ago

Finally these half wits are doing something useful with their lives.

LightofDarkness4234d ago (Edited 4234d ago )

I don't think "half-wits" is a suitable description for people with clearly exceptional investigatory and computing/networking skills. There's no evidence linking them to others who've assumed the anonymous mantle either, they've just stated that they too are "anonymous", i.e. unnamed.

Tales RPG addict4235d ago

Anonymous working for the Greater Good

RE_L_MAYER4235d ago

cops and other assholes cant find anyone anyways,unless obama died or something then they will find the killer

good job whoever you hackers out there are

pompombrum4234d ago

Good stuff, next could you guys please go after the sick perverts who keep stalking Suri Cruise? That poor innocent girl, I'm fed up of every time I load up my news app on my phone I see her solemn face in some BS news article.

SnakeCQC4234d ago

you mean the scientologists?

pompombrum4234d ago (Edited 4234d ago )

No the paparazzi.

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CurrentDigital525d ago

Huge loss for those who don't know where else to spend their surplus $8 a month

SwiderMan524d ago

Still haven't been approved for Twitter Blue :/

gatewayinternational522d ago

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