Microsoft bakes Xbox Music into Windows 8

CNET-"The software giant sets its sights on Spotify and Pandora, making its new streaming music service the default way to hear tunes in Windows 8. The service will extend to mobile phones and its video game console."

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newsguy3207d ago

I don't like the Xbox branding on my PC...

aviator1893207d ago

Well, then use another service if you want to avoid just because of the name.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney3207d ago (Edited 3207d ago )

Thing is The people who own xbox own windows. So If they wanted to call the start menu xbox start they could. I hope steam on linux is a success. Just like they calling pc games xbox windows games.

aviator1893207d ago

Thing is linux has an abysmal marketshare and will continue to do so among consumers and gamers. That isn't going to change.
Apple and Microsoft will continue to dominate in the os industry.

3GenGames3207d ago (Edited 3207d ago )

^Isn't going to change? Are you a moron? When you can get 20% more performance for each game that has a Linux version over a Windows version, PC gamers will eat it up and Linux will gain lots of relevance in the PC world. I'm on Ubuntu right now and have switched MANY people over to it from Windows who LOVE it. Also a few to Linux Mint. I mean I dual boot windows too, that's #1 for sure, but if you don't need Windows only software, you should probably work away from it as there's much better software on Linux compared to Windows. LibreOffice Suite>Microsoft Office Suite. Better VLC player. Better Audacious. Better everything. It's the main platform if you want stable, free, new, always updated software.

Expect to see Linux shares SOAR when Steam makes it way to Linux based OS's. It's inevitable.

aviator1893207d ago

lol, okay. I'll keep you to your prediction.
Let's see how it pans out.
Of course, by then, you probably won't reply.

Grap3207d ago

calling others morons doesn't makes u any smarter.

3GenGames3206d ago

Never said he was a moron, I implied it by asking.

And well, Linux based OS's are everywhere but on personal computers. This is the time where things change. I won't reply here, but in 10 years when we're in a world completely build on linux kernels, remember me.

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