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Kupa's Modular UltraNote Tablet Runs Windows 8, Looks Good on Paper

Maximum PC: "Over the last couple of years, many a company has entered the tablet market with high hopes, found the going tough and become an also-ran. Kupa may not be the most recognizable of names in the tablet world yet, but it is trying its level best to avoid that fate. Having entered the market with the Windows 7-based X11 Pro Tablet earlier this year, the Santa Monica-based company is now trying to stand out with the UltraNote, a modular tablet that runs Windows 8."

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mpctips4206d ago

I'm digging the user-replaceable battery.

newsguy4206d ago

Kupa? Haven't heard of them.


Windows Copilot gets its artificial tendrils deeper into the OS settings in a new beta update

And, for once, some of what it can do looks genuinely useful.


Unveiling Android's Game-Changer: The Long-Awaited Battery Health Monitor – Report

Google Reportedly Set to Launch Tool Revealing Battery Degradation Over Time for Phones and Tablets, Says Android Authority.

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Here's how WhatsApp users can make group video and voice calls on desktop

The blog post reads, “We’re introducing a new WhatsApp app for Windows that loads faster and is built with an interface similar to the app's mobile version.”

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