iPhone 5 Usage Surpasses Samsung Galaxy S III After Less than 3 Weeks on Market

Chitika; Apple and Samsung are unquestionably two of the top players in smartphone marketplace.

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KingPin2793d ago

well its not surprising considering you have to use the iPhone 5 twice to get to where you going with the Maps app.

gamernova2793d ago

Twice on the best day possible. Haha Good comment +1

Gondee2792d ago

realistically, it has always been IOS products that show the most usage. If you look at mobile browser stats it shows just how much more IOS devices are used (at least through a web browser) I think what this shows, seeing as it is tracking Ad's displayed, is that people use apps more often on IOS. Its actually incredible that it has surpassed the GS3 so fast seeing as both app markets have different strategies for income. Typically we see Android having ad supported, and IOS using the micro transaction model.