What Is Cloud Computing? A Detailed And Complete Guide Into Cloud Computing

TechSpyre -History of Cloud Computing dates back to somewhere 1960s when mainframe computing started emerging. However, within computing stakeholders this was a popular school of thought that technology one day will evolve with its commercial acceptance in major organizations as a centralized consortium. Now in current scenario since Cloud Computing is gaining acceptability by the day, it is no longer a beginner in the IT infrastructure space in fact it never was.

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evil_element3215d ago

Easy. You no longer own anything. But rent everything. Your work and creations are no longer yours.

Tsalagi3214d ago

It's also something that will never take off in the mobile market no matter how much Android/iOS/Windows pushes it due to carriers severely limiting data plans.

Yi-Long3214d ago

... in many cases, the USA government seem to be granted unlimited access to your cloud-content.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney3214d ago (Edited 3214d ago )

we need the cloud!
How else can we access data on the go anywhere and on anything in the world like futuristic movies?

I expect to play games and watch movies on my toaster while at the park.

Yes I carry my toaster to the park. Problem?