Apple's iPad Mini Brackets Microsoft's Surface In The Tablet Media War

Forbes-"So now we know the date of Apple’s next launch, Tuesday October 23rd, and everything is pointing towards the announcement of the iPad Mini."

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blumatt3215d ago (Edited 3215d ago )

Well, let the Apple hate begin. LoL Between them and Sony getting hate for the PS3 constantly, it just blows my mind. I use both of those brands and am very happy with my purchases. (PS3, iPhone 4s, and MacBook Pro)

The iPad Mini should be a nice device. I just hope it's not just a smaller iPad with the exact same features. If that's the case, it had better be $150-200 less than the 10" iPad.

I'm still torn between buying an iPad or getting one of those Google Nexus 7 tablets. They're only $250 and they're very nice. I just like using Apple devices and iTunes, so I just don't know which one to get.

Cueil3212d ago

not interested in being hamstrung by a mobile OS... I'll stick with full OS with full OS features... thank you and good night