Patents: Constraints On Innovation

Fueled: “We have invented a new technology called multi-touch, which is phenomenal it work— it’s like magic. You don’t need a stylus. It’s far more accurate than any touch display that’s ever been shipped. It ignores unintended touches — it’s super smart. You can do multi-finger gestures on it, and, boy, have we patented it.”

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evil_element3210d ago

Patents restrains saturation of the market. That stops companies making 1 feature iterations of the same design.


We crawled, then walked, then ran, then made bikes, then cars, then aeroplanes, then motorbikes and it continues on.

That's thinking and innovation.

Creating the same object with the same features + 1 isn't.

KingPin3210d ago

you must be either very young, or forgot how nokia operated in the 90s/2000s. they literally had phones with same design + 1 feature.

and when it comes to patents, surely they should make em have an expiry date of some sort. in tech wise the shorter the license period the better. that way other companies can take that idea and build on it. the reason i say this is like the mercedes benz s600 (W116 (1972)) was the first car to have a lot of the features almost every single car has today. be it a toyota or tata. so either every single car manufacturer are paying mercedes to use airbags or mercedes lost a patent along the line.

i say in tech, give them 2 years to hold on to their idea. after that, let it become open to anyone and everyone. and see what happens. otherwise you just get patent trolls who start patenting dumb shit and do nothing with the idea until a major corp decides to actually implement something similar and then the trolls come out and claim millions.

evil_element3209d ago (Edited 3209d ago )

@Kingpin: Wish I was young ^^

I remember the 90's and 00's when the mobile (cell) market was saturated to unjust levels of the same thing.

Only a few companies patented their designs but research and development labs such as Samsung, Sony, Sanyo e.t.c patented technology they invented of considerably improved upon.

I laugh at everyone shouting PATENT TROLL !! PATENT TROLL!!

Q. How many people actually know how to file a patent for a design, invention or technology?

A. Very few. (Very industry specific people at that).

Q. How long does it take for a patent to get filed?

A. Patents take 2 YEARS!! Patent must pass on brief, description, drawings and most of all APPEALS AND CHALLENGES. (Patent Pending used till a patent has gone through). (Patent pending has the same legal power as a full).

Q. Patents life span?

A. Patents have lifespan of 20 years.

Q. Can all inventions in technology (not design) be patented?

A. NO. Why? Because some inventions classed as industry standards. CRT invention was used in all TV's before LCD, projections, Plasma e.t.c technology came along. Same as your suggestion with air bags. They can't be patented as they would stunt the technological market i.e. gadgets and electrical goods.

Q. Why are patents sold and bought?

A. Because some companies need funds or no longer need them. More commonly now companies such as Google buy companies outright and harvest them for only their patents. Companies such as Google are nothing more than ivory hunters, taking only the assets which have the most value.

Q. Are patents the only way to protect intellectual property?

A. IP's are taken seriously by other organizations such as ACID (Anti Copying in Design), trademark organizations, copyright courts.

Its not so easy to shout foul before you are truly aware of how big and complex IP's and patents are.

KingPin3209d ago

you just earned my respect my friend.

that response was well thought out and detailed.

thanks for all those details as well as correcting me on a number of things. im surprised i actually got a mature response. those are few and far between on a site like this.

evil_element3209d ago


You have my respect also. :)