“Can you fix my Windows 95 computer?”: How to troll a tech support scammer

ARSTechnica: Pity the poor employees of companies like “Windows Technical Support"—scammers who make money by "fixing" computers that were never broken in the first place. For the people who pose as Windows support technicians and cold call unsuspecting victims to warn them about bogus viruses, life is good as long as they can wrangle credit card numbers and remote PC access from the gullible.

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SantistaUSA3884d ago

"You don’t have to keep calling me 'sir,'" Ted said. "I mean, we’ve been on the phone an hour and 50 minutes together. My friends call me 'Cinnamon.' If you want to call me Cinnamon, that’s fine." (The scammer actually starts calling Ted "Cinnamon.")

That's funny! :D Too bad several people fall for this type of scam, I've got a customer at my store that felt for that, lost $250!!! O_o

Software_Lover3884d ago

They actually tried to get my grandmother. I had just left her house in Daytona and headed back here to Atlanta. Had been on the road 2 hours and she called me and said someone called her and said she had a virus on her computer and they were tech support trying to help her.

She told them, "Well, my grandson is a genius, I'll call him" lol. I told her it was probably a scam as there is no way I could think of that they could legally scan your computer remotely, get your ip address, then link that ip address to a phone number.

fatstarr3884d ago

My friend fell for something like this,
but he had a Mac.

I literally told him that hes an Idiot. Me < a Computer geek working on a degree telling him to not fall for it.>

I told him that its a scam and that his mac is not broken and filled with junk,
but no since he Knows I hate apple he fell for it and bought the stupid product.

and I laugh everyday knowing the stupidity of computer users across all platforms

Shani3884d ago

Next time I get call from "Windows Technical Support", I will be trying some of these tricks.