Images of the LG Google Nexus Leak Online writes: "Earlier in the week it was rumoured that LG was developing the next Google Nexus phone, and it appears that this rumours has just gained a lot more credibility, as images of the device have leaked online. Additional images were uploaded on a Russian forum, Baraholka, but the images have since been removed, adding further credence to these images."

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fatstarr3212d ago

the phone back sparkles like a twilight character -_-
hopefully it has removable battery and storage.
this trend of not giving us storage slots is not cool

SnakeCQC3212d ago

i dont like lg i was hoping it was a htc phone

gaffyh3212d ago

Any reason why you don't like LG? Because I'm seriously considering getting this phone, and would like to know if they have common issues on their phones.

SnakeCQC3211d ago

purely preference im sure they are good phones that work well and you would like them its just me lol