‘Virtual’ National ID coming very soon to UK

The Future Post: Citizens of the UK will soon be able to use their online social profiles or mobile phones to access public services.

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Speed-Racer3218d ago

Nice idea! But the big brother thing is always something to look out for.

Psychonaughty3217d ago

Forget 1984, people have been cautious of things like this for 2000 years because of a certain 666 prophecy...

Speed-Racer3217d ago

Pass me whatever you are smoking.

Snooki3218d ago

Luckily I don't need an ID wherever I go. Everyone knows who I am!

Dread3218d ago (Edited 3218d ago )


hows your baby, snook?

remember not to drink too much, you have a lot of work to do taking care of him.

chukamachine3218d ago

Another thing thought up by money men and the US.

The beginning of the end.

caseh3218d ago

People using a mickey mouse social networking sites like facebook to verify their identity when accessing government services deserve to be the victim of identity theft.

And I assure you, its guaranteed to happen to a LOT of people.